“I really liked to go to Sheffield because there were aerial [resources]”. (Sheyla, Spain)

 “The day we spent in Sheffield doing trapeze and aerial stuff was pretty cool”. (Ana, Croatia)

“The workshop was fun”. (Martina, Croatia)

“The acrobatic balancing in Sheffield was a great experience”. (Roberta, Malta)

“Sheffield workshop was very interesting, I enjoyed it, really exciting”. (Maryam, United Kingdom)

“The trainers were really great, as well as the equipment!”. (Sven, Hungary)

“At first it was strange to practice in Sheffield in a gothic church, but at least it is better to equip there than destroy it, and it was very well equipped”. (Bala’zs, Hungary)

“The Greentop Circus School in Sheffield was very better than I could imagine. They had a huge collection of equipments and the trainers were really skilled and helpful”. (David, Hungary)

“Sheffield was great, everybody got the chance to try whatever they wanted (trapeze, skilts, …)”. (Karla, Croatia)

“To practice circus performances with such professional trainers was awesome”. (Andy, Malta)

“That was a nice experience to go and try aerial and acrobatic things in a real circus school, I really enjoyed it, that was so new for me. I’ve never been in a circus school before”. (Reka, Hungary)

“I liked the Sheffield workshop because there were aerials and balances and the teachers are very nice”. (Nora, Spain)

“In Sheffield workshop, it was the first time on a hoop aerial and it was a great experience”. (Tina, Croatia)